How does the PrestaShop integration works? (BETA)

You can seamlessly integrate your Prestashop webshop to Orderchamp to synchronise your product catalogue. This will allow you to easily upload your newest collections & make sure your product stock levels are always up-to-date. The integration includes: 

  • Product catalogue synchronisation from PrestaShop to Orderchamp
  • Stock synchronisation from Prestashop to Orderchamp
  • Fulfilment by Orderchamp order integration is not supported at this time
  • Order synchronisation from Orderchamp to PrestaShop is not supported at this time

How it works

You can establish the connection between your PrestaShop and Orderchamp in just a few minutes, no real technical knowledge needed!

  1. Go to Apps & Integrations in your Orderchamp back office.
  2. Click on the 'Install' button next to PrestaShop (Beta).
  3. Click "Connect your integration"
  4. A pop-up will appear where you have to fill in your PrestaShop API URL, Authentication key(see instructions)and country.
    • Screenshot_2022-10-27_at_10.39.52.png
  5. Walk through the configuration settings.


That's it! Your products are now being synchronised to Orderchamp.


Configuration settings

You'll be given a few choices to make to optimally synchronise your products: 

  • MSRP or Wholesale: Choose in which field in Orderchamp the price will be filled in. If you connect your B2C PrestaShop webshop, you'll choose MSRP. If you connect your B2B website, you'll choose Wholesale Prices.
  • Content: You can make sure the title, description, prices and images are always the same in Orderchamp as they are in PrestaShop. Any changes in PrestaShop will be synchronised to Orderchamp, but this also means any changes in Orderchamp will be overridden. If you'd like to tweak and edit the content in Orderchamp, you can choose to not override the content. Inventory is always synchronised with your shop.
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