Order Create functionality

The order create functionality allows you to create orders for new or existing customers in your Orderchamp backoffice.

You can specify the customer, which can be new to Orderchamp without an account or already on Orderchamp with an account, that will receive the order. Once the order is created, an email will be sent to the customer to wait for the approval and the payment of the order.

How to create an order with the order create functionality

Click on the “Create Order” button on the top of the orders overview page17D556E0-060D-4613-82A9-1E60B13C96D3.jpeg

Choose to send the order to an email address (new to Orderchamp, does not have an account yet), or look up existing Orderchamp users.


You can now set up the details of the customer the order is being sent to. If you are sending an order to a retailer, who is not registered on Orderchamp, you will need to fill in the address manually.


Once you have filled in all the details, you can add products to the order. You can search through your products, select what products you want to add and set the quantities. Searching also works on SKU or EAN/Barcode.

After you added all the products to the order, you will be able to see a summary of the order on the right-hand side. You can now click on “Create Order” to confirm the creation of this order and send it out to the customer.


Now the order is created and will show as any other order in your backoffice. However, since the order is unpaid, it cannot be processed and shipped yet.


The retailer will now receive an email informing them that you have created an order for them, what is in the order, what address is used and that a payment is outstanding.

After the payment is received, the order will become ready for processing in your backoffice. From here on, you can follow the regular order flow. You can find further information about the regular order flow here: Fulfilling orders 


Shipping costs

When you ship the orders, which have been created by you, you will receive the same benefits as with a regular marketplace order: You can choose to Ship with Orderchamp or Ship yourself. Please find further information about the shipping here: : Shipping an order

If there is a product with a surcharge in the order, then this surcharge will be applied to the retailer and be paid out to you. During the order creation, you can choose to “Cover the shipping”. This means that the retailer will not get charged shipping fees. This also means that we will not give a shipping compensation to you and the labels will be charged with a full price.


How much commission do we charge for orders created by you?

The commission paid on these orders is separate from the marketplace commission at this moment. All orders which are being created via the order create functionality will have a 6% commission fee. 


Do you have further questions about the Order Create functionality? Then contact our customer support team at support@orderchamp.com

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