Orderchamp Plus - rewards program

To help our most loyal buyers improve their margins, we offer an exclusive rewards program called Orderchamp Plus. To find out if you are qualified for Orderchamp Plus, visit our information page here.


Order this quarter to benefit from Orderchamp Plus!

- Buy 5 brands and get free shipping.

- Benefit from early access to our key wholesale events

What is the program about?

With Orderchamp Plus, you can unlock free shipping on all orders, without any minimum spend for the entire quarter when buying at least 5 unique brands.

The free shipping and early access will be activated as soon as you access the Orderchamp Plus status.

Orderchamp Plus is currently only available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Germany. We are working intensively on making the program available in many more countries.


Everything you need to know

How can I unlock my discount?

By ordering from 5 different brands this quarter, you will unlock benefits instantly for your next orders. These benefits are valid until the end of this quarter!


What does it mean to buy at 5 different brands?

It means you need to buy from 5 unique brands this quarter. These can be brands you've ordered from before or brands you've never ordered from before. Both are valid.


Do I have to order 5 different brands in one checkout or can it be in multiple checkouts?

This can be done in as many checkouts as you want. We count the number of unique brands over the entire quarter.


When will the free shipping be unlocked?

When you order from 5 brands in total, you unlock free shipping and you will be able to benefit from it for the entire quarter


Can I use it on an unlimited number of orders?

Yes, you can benefit from free shipping during the full quarter. 


How long can I use the discount?

During the entire current quarter


What is the benefit of early access during events?

During our key wholesale events such as Orderchamp Digital Fair, as an Orderchamp Plus member you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive early access. As our most loyal customer, this means that you can discover the best deals before anyone else can.


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