What is the Orderchamp Digital Fair?

The Digital Fair is the biggest wholesale event of the year and allows retailers to discover new collections from the comforts of their own store. By offering special Digital Fair discounts, your brand can benefit from more visibility on Orderchamp. On average, participating in our Digital Fair results in a 300% boost in your sales. Kickoff the new Spring/Summer season on Orderchamp, without the hassle of a physical tradeshow.


When does the event start?

The event will be live from Feb 8-19. Make sure to update your participation before Feb 8, as we host a special Early access day for our valued Orderchamp Plus members.


How do I offer a discount? How does the discount system work?

You can select three simple discount tiers in your backoffice to offer to your retailers:

  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%

If you select the highest tier of 30% off, your brand will be featured in our special Digital Fair sliders on our homepage, resulting in an increase in traffic to your storefront.

Orderchamp will fund an extra 5% on all tiers for retailers which are new to your brand. This only applies to retailers from NL, BE, DE and AT. The toggle is automatically switched on when you select a tier. If you don’t want an extra discount (funded by Orderchamp), you can decide to switch it off.


How can I participate in the Digital Fair?

You will automatically participate based on the last tier during an event. If you haven’t participated in one of our events yet, you will be included in the 10% tier. You can always decide not to participate.

You can manage your participation here.


A tip from us:

Make sure to invite your retailers in time for the Digital Fair. After signing up, these retailers benefit from 10% off all their orders in their first month. This 10% is on top of the discount yor offer during the Digital Fair.

Do you have questions about the Digital Fair? The contact our support team at support@orderchamp.com

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