How to read the status of your integration?

Orderchamp has a multitude of possible integrations. All are built to ease the product updates and your utilisation of the Orderchamp system. The setup of the integrations are straight forward and only have to be done once.

In some cases the connection is not fully completed or needs additional steps to be taken. In the table below we describe the different statuses that show if the integration is active or what the action is required. 

Your integration is actively downloading/uploading data.


Your integration is disabled, nothing gets updated.
Disabled due to issue
Your integration is disabled, nothing gets updated. This usually happens when your website is unreachable.
Disconnected from Orderchamp
Orderchamp has been disconnected from your integration. Click on 'Open app', grant access and check the status of your integration. If this happens often, please contact support.
We're downloading all data, after this you can activate your integration.
We could not fetch any data, please reconnect your integration. Click on 'Open app' and follow the steps.
Ready to Activate
All data has been downloaded, you may activate your integration


Your integration is ready to set up


If you have any difficulties with fixing a non-active status or with the overall connection process, we are happy to assist you. Please contact for your inquiries and questions regarding integrations. 

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