Who can buy on Orderchamp?

Orderchamp is a B2B marketplace operating in Europe and whose mission it is to empower independent retailers to offer a unique merchandise in their store. In order for you to purchase on our platform, a few requirements need to be met.

Who can shop on Orderchamp?

  • registered businesses with a valid EU VAT number* that operate in the retail industry. 
  • Both online and brick and mortar independent stores can purchase as long as they are currently active businesses
  • Businesses registered and located in Europe only
    *does not apply to small businesses registered in NL/DE/BE/FR/AT

You are not eligible for purchase if:

  • you are not a registered business in Europe
  • you do not intent to resell the purchased products
  • you resell through platforms such as Amazon, Ebay or Bol.com

Please note that Orderchamp reserves the right to reject any application that does not meet our criteria and that you may be requested to transfer your registration documents in order for us to verify your identify. 

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