Can I use Ship with Orderchamp?

Supported Countries

Ship with Orderchamp is currently available for suppliers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy and Spain. We work with several different carriers in these countries and hope to be able to extend the offering to the rest of Europe in the near future.

The carrier's support is flexible. It is dependent on where the package is coming from, what the weight and dimensions are as well as its destination.

Supported Weight and Dimensions

When creating a shipment, you will be required to add an estimated weight and package dimensions.
Ship with Orderchamp is not available if it exceeds certain weights and dimensions



Based on this information, the suggested weight will be calculated. The suggested weight is what is taken into consideration by the carriers when creating a shipping label.

What is the suggested weight?
The suggested weight is the value that is calculated by the carriers in order to price the shipment accurately. 

  • Suggested weight = Max(Physical weight, Volumetric Weight)
    • Physical weight = the weight that you have indicated
    • Volumetric Weight = Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000
  • Ship with Orderchamp will not be available if:
    • the Suggested weight exceeds 25kg
    • and/or if any side of the package is more than 100cm
    • and/or longest side + 2*(sum of other sides) >= 300

How to ship my products if Ship with Orderchamp is not available to me?

If Ship with Orderchamp is not available to you, you will have to use your usual carriers.
For this, you can pick the option “Ship Yourself”.
The estimated shipping fee will be calculated automatically and added to your payout as compensation. 

If this compensation is insufficient, you can request an additional compensation.
Our compensation policy goes up to 10% of the order value.
To create a compensation request, follow the step-by-step process you can find at the bottom of this article.

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