Updating Your Products in Bulk Through Imports

If you do not have an integration set up in your back office, you can also perform bulk updates manually via an import in your back office. 

Before you start with your update, you may want to perform an export of the existing products in your Orderchamp back office:

Once you have downloaded your export file, open the file in your program of preference and begin to make the necessary changes. 

There are a few important things to note concerning updates.

  • The SKU column is the only necessary and mandatory field needed for the system to recognize the products being updated. This means that unless you are performing an update on any of the remaining columns, you can delete all of them before importing, except for the SKU and the columns of interest. 
  • If you are importing a file that still includes the Variant ID column, please note that it does not need to be mapped.

  • If new images are being imported, the existing images will not be overwritten by the new data, they will be added to the existing images. If you would like for the new images to substitute the old, then the latter should first be deleted manually. We understand this may be a very time-consuming task if you have many products, so please contact tech.support@orderchamp.com in this case and we will gladly help you find a solution.


Once you have prepared the update file, perform the manual import"

  • Login to your back office
  • Click on Imports/Exports
  • Select the file from your computer from the “browse” button
  • Click on the “Upload” button
  • Validate & map the fields
  • If no errors have been signaled, click on the “import” button.


  • In general, to avoid errors or unintentional overwriting of fields, try to keep only the product SKUs and the fields being updated in the file that you are using to perform the bulk update.
  • If you have used formulas to update the data in your file, remember to “copy” + “paste values only” before importing the file so that the system can properly recognize the content of the file being imported.
  • Please do not import more than 1500 rows at a time. 

We strongly recommend to setup an integration from the many integrations Orderchamp has developed. You can check the integrations list and instructions here. With an integration, your stock will be updated in real-time instead of relying on manual imports, therefore you do not risk retailers ordering products that might be already out of stock before you manually update your stock.

Having trouble importing your file? You can send us an email at tech.support@orderchamp.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

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