What are the requirements for my images?

We know from experience that good quality photos lead to more conversion. Consistency with other brands is also important. That is why we have set a number of quality conditions for product photography in our policies:

1. Fixed order
The first photo is always a free-standing photo with a white background. We do this to ensure consistency on the platform, but also for marketing (advertisements and social media). In addition to the product photo, we recommend adding atmospheric images. This inspires the retailer by displaying the product in a specific setting. Finally, make sure to add some more detailed photos.

2. A good format (read: high resolution)
Orderchamp automatically rescales photos, but of course cannot enlarge photos without compromising on quality. Therefore, take photos with a high resolution. We recommend a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels, but higher is always better.


2. No watermarks, logos and extra text
Let the product speak! There is room for explanation, brand interpretation and impressions of your brand in other places within the platform. Do not put any extras in the photo.


3. A peaceful background
As you read above, you can add atmospheric photos. Even gladly. However, the product must remain central. Also make sure that the "amount" of product and background remains in proportion. The first photo always has a white background and otherwise the product must remain clearly on it, without any distracting background. And the white has to be really white.


4. Focus on one product
Don't be too busy with other products from your collection (s). It should be clear to shopping retailers quickly which product is being offered. It is good to skip additional, distracting products that are not included.


5. No collages
Use separate images, because you can add an infinite number of images (on paper of course;)). Collages or other assemblies are not allowed. This way we provide more overview.


6. Square photos
The default ratio of images on the platform is square. Other proportions are also shown as square. That is why it is best to always keep equal axes. When we adjust, we choose the longest axis. This can be both length and width, which is then filled with extra white.


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