How do I add products manually, one by one?

If you wish to add a new product to your brand page, select 'My Products' in your backoffice. Here you will see a list of all of your products that have already been created. You then have two different ways that you can add new products:

  1. If the new product you are adding shares many commonalities with an existing product, you can 'Duplicate' that product listing and edit from there. In order to do this, click the box to the left of the product name. A box will open indicating “1 Item Selected” with a small arrow on the right side. Click the arrow and then select 'Duplicate'. 
  2. You can also add products one by one by clicking the 'Add Product' button located on the top right hand corner of the page. This is where this article manly is about.

You can add the product’s name here.

Add the brand that the product belongs to. You may only have one brand, so in this case you would input your brand’s name. However, if your products fall under multiple brands, this is a good way to ensure the products are properly categorised by brand.

Here is where to give all the relevant details on the product. The product’s description should be as clear and concise as possible and not too short. Tell your story here!

Start typing or scroll through the names of the categories that you would like to place the product into, and you can select the categories that are most relevant. There is a maximum of 2 categories per product. We have already selected the main category for you. 

Case Quantity 
This is the minimum quantity of your product that must be selected in order for the retailer to make a purchase from you. Typically, this will be ‘1’ for larger items, but other items might be sold in 4’s or 6’s, etc (think of candles, for example).

Tax Level 
Depending on your country, the taxes on a specific product will either be ‘low’ (9%) or ‘high’ (21%). Choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu. We select 21% in case you do not fill this box out. 

Product photos 
Click on browse and select the photos that you would like to include. You will need a minimum of 2 product images.
High resolution photos with white backgrounds tend to be more appealing to the buyer. Show your hero photo first and a nice detail or atmospheric photos afterwards. You can read more about our requirements here. Note: your pictures will be visible after saving this page. Please make sure to complete all the fields before you save it. You can change the order of your pictures after saving, the most left picture will be shown in your storefront. 

Unit price 
This is the B2B price (VAT excluded) that 
prospective buyers, our retailers, will see as they are browsing through your store.

Note: please use a point for both prices (not a comma) and fill out the price per product, even if the minimum order quantity is larger.

The MSRP, also known as the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, is the recommended price that a product should be listed at in the retailer's store (VAT included). This price will typically be double the unit price.

This is the unique identifier for a given product - you are required including a SKU number to each product listed in your store. You can use the product or EAN codes you are already using. 

Note: SKU's should be assigned to each variant of a product. 

Mention the weight of your product.

Same for the materials, such as “cotton, concrete, wood, polyester” (required).

Made in 
Where does your product come from? Provide us with the country of origin with the two letter land code, such as “NL, TR, CN, IN, IT”.

If your product deserves an extra label, to search for example, you can assign a value. Only do this if it actually meets the requirements, for example "Dutch-design, handmade, eco-friendly, organic, social, etc.".

Do you have product variants? Please continue reading this article. If not, make sure you have filled out all the fields mentioned above and save your new product!  

Product variants
You can check the variant box once you have choosen your unit price, MSRP and SKU. After checking this box, a new screen with extra fields will appear where you can select different variants. You can choose one of our suggestions or create a new one (via 'Other'). Start typing your variant types and divide those types with a comma. All the combinations will appear, like this:


You can change SKU in case they are not unique, or the price if you sell necklaces in silver and gold or when a bigger product is more expensive.

Ready? Save your product! If you want to add the Country of Origin, Values or Themes, you can do it in your product overview or via the bulk function.

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