I am unable to buy on Orderchamp, what now?

There are several reasons why you might not be able to finalise your purchase or your sign-up on Orderchamp. The main five reasons are the following:

Your data is incorrect or incomplete

A valid VAT is mandatory for us to be able to comply with European regulations.
Check in your profile what you entered during the registration.

As your go-to platform for wholesale, we want to live up to the general business standards regarding VAT. We have therefore updated our terms and these updates might affect you:

  • All retailers should have a valid EU VAT number, with the exception of businesses registered in NL/BE/DE/AT/FR/DK/UK/CH which may have a local VAT number or may fall under "Small businesses scheme".
  • For retailers registered outside of these countries and which fall under "Small businesses scheme" or do not have a valid EU VAT number, we are unfortunately unable to process your orders at this time.

Missing visibility on your activity

If you are still starting up, your company data may not yet be available everywhere. Unfortunately, this leads us to not being able to perform our audit (fully). To protect the platform for consumers, a VAT or Chamber of Commerce number is always required, but a website and company name are also essential.

Not a match

It appears that you are not active in the retail industry or that you are not selling the products we offer in one of our categories. 

Outside of the EU

Your company appears to be operational in a country where Orderchamp is currently not active. Unfortunately we are not available in all countries, we are still limited to the EU. Feel free to come back later! 

Issue with our terms of service

Sometimes we already see during the registration process that there is no match between a retailer and Orderchamp. If you are reselling products on online marketplaces such as bol.com, Amazon and Ebay, we unfortunately cannot allow you to our wholesale marketplace. The same goes for dropshippers and social sellers. Discover the reasons behind this here.

Did we make a mistake or would you like to explain something else? Then we would like to hear your story! Please send an email to support@orderchamp.com.

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