How do we determine if a retailer is your ‘own’ retailer?

We ask you to invite your retailers as soon as possible and add the referral link to your website, preferably in the first month. We have a growing community with retailers acquired through a multitude of paid marketing channels and have therefore set up some ground rules to make our 0% commission referral program fair for all involved stakeholders.

If you have invited the retailer:

  • You pay 0% commission on orders from all the invited retailers signing up within 3 months of being invited by you. Otherwise a discounted 6% to cover our operational costs.
  • For orders from your invited retailers that were already registered to Orderchamp, or any of Orderchamp’s partners, you will benefit from a discounted 6% commission

If you have not invited the retailer:

  • Non-invited retailers that registered on Orderchamp but were not invited by you: we require some proof of an existing business-relationship conducted in the last 2 years (e.g., an invoice). This proof can be emailed to and after a quick check, you will pay an ongoing discounted commission rate of 6% for this retailer covering our free shipping initiative, flexible payment terms and other benefits of the Orderchamp platform. 


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