Keep your transactions on Orderchamp

It is not okay to handle transactions (first or repetitive) outside of Orderchamp with retailers that you have come to know through our platform (or our marketing efforts). We work hard to introduce you to new buyers from all over Europe and hope that we will provide you with a valuable service. It is the foundation of our business and part of the relationship we have with you. Cross-pollination on Orderchamp allows us to grow as a community. By the way, you also don't pay commission on orders from invited retailers, right?

Trading outside the platform is a reason for us to deactivate your account. For example, the apparent hope of a better deal may simply mean that you will no longer be able to do business with the network of retailers that is growing on our platform daily. Together with everyone within the Orderchamp community, let's treat each other with respect and professionalism.

Is there anything stopping you from keeping your trades on Orderchamp? Please feel free to always let us know! The platform has been carefully designed and we are happy to share it with you!

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