When you order and pay via Orderchamp, you are entitled to Buyer Protection. The Buyer Protection consists of a refund policy, secure payment procedures and assistance from our support team. You will find more information below.

Refund policy

With buyer protection you can receive a refund if the order:

Secure payment procedures

All payments on Orderchamp are encrypted. They are processed by our trusted partners Online Payment Platform and Mollie. We work with this secure technology to ensure that you can send and receive money in complete confidence.

Our support team

We are there for you on workdays and you can expect an answer within 24 hours
We do everything to solve your problem.

Non-Circumvention Policy

It is Orderchamp’s mission to provide retailers and brands with a secure, professional platform to collaborate.

If a retailer or a supplier takes a transaction out of the platform to bypass Orderchamp's fees, it is considered circumvention and the retailer or seller will be suspended or permanently banned.

Some common examples of circumvention:

  • Communicating and accepting payment off-site
  • Accepting or soliciting invoice payments outside of the platform
  • A retailer/seller canceling an order to order in direct
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