How does the WooCommerce connection work?

We can connect the following information from WooCommerce with Orderchamp:

  • The stock
  • The catalog: (short) Title, (short) Description, Price, Product images, SKU & Product variants

Before you get started...
The connection only works if you use at least version 3.4 of WooCommerce. We also recommend exporting the products as they are now in WooCommerce and (if applicable) on Orderchamp to a .csv file. This way you always have a backup!

Generate API keys
You can compare APIs with a login. With this you give permission to Orderchamp to retrieve your WooCommerce product information. Generation is as follows:

  1. In WooCommerce go to "Settings" via the left menu;
  2. Click on "Advanced" and navigate to "REST API" in the horizontal menus;
  3. Click on "Add key";
  4. The description is "Connection Orderchamp", give "Read / Write" rights and click on "Generate";
  5. Copy the Customer Key and Customer Secret. Pay attention! For security reasons, these are only available once, so save them before you leave the page.

Connect Orderchamp to WooCommerce
Now that we have the keys, we can connnect the two systems.

  1. Go to the Orderchamp App Store;
  2. Choose WooCommerce from the available apps and click "Install";
  3. In the App Store, click on "Connect your WooCommerce account";
  4. A pop-up will appear, where you enter the URL of your website. Then click on "Test and save";

Configure your connection
The connection is there and now it's time to personalize it! You do that on the page that appears after saving:

  • Decide in the first section whether: we do not link anything at all ('No'), we keep the current products in Orderchamp and only make changes in the future ('Yes, all changes from now on') or overwrite the current products in Orderchamp with your entire catalog in WooCommerce ('Yes, everything please');
  • If you use unique SKUs (item numbers) in your shop, choose "SKU". If not, choose "Product identifier". This is the connecting factor for the products between Orderchamp and your webshop;
  • Indicate which prices you bring to Orderchamp. Do you use B2C pricing? Then choose 'Consumer prices', we will add them to the suggested retail price including VAT. Do you use B2B pricing? Then choose "Wholesale prices", we will add them to the purchase price (MRSP) excluding VAT;
  • Choose whether the long or short description should be used when creating a product;
  • Decide whether you want to implement content changes in WooCommerce in Orderchamp as well. If you choose "Do not override", the product title and description will no longer be overwritten in Orderchamp during an update. Do you want this? Then choose "Override".
  • Finally, decide whether you also want to update price changes in your WooCommerce in Orderchamp ("Override"). If your prices are different on Orderchamp than on WooCommerce, choose "Do not override".

Save and activate
Check whether everything is filled in as desired. Click on "Save and go back" and then on "Run" to start your connection. It may take a while if you have a large catalog.

You did it! Your connection is live.

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