Respect for the conditions and products of our brands

Our brands do their best to provide you with an attractive offer. They are obliged to show their complete and latest collections. All against favorable margins and low minimum order values. Wholesale prices elsewhere may not be lower than on Orderchamp. In return, you respect the conditions and products:

You stick to the recommended price
Other retailers and possibly the suppliers themselves do that too! This does not create unfair competition. Notify us if you find other amounts elsewhere. Everyone deserves the opportunity to sell the product at a fair price.

Discounts in consultation
Offering a discount at the end of the season or during Black Friday is normal. Constantly offering products at a discount level, on the other hand, is not and Orderchamp is not meant to be used for that purpose. It would be best if you discuss your plans with the brand first!

No resale on other marketplaces
Reselling our products on digital marketplaces such as, Amazon, Ebay and is not permitted according to our terms of service. Brands themselves decide where their collections end up, so we prefer to avoid that conflict of interest. And fighting all together for the lowest price is not what you want, is it?

A photo is yours after an order
Using photos without permission is a no go. You only have the right to any product images after you made your purchase. Brands will then send them to you with love through our chat! Please make use of it. 

Be careful with your own creativity
Being creative as an entrepreneur is fantastic, but to a certain extent! Products are lovingly worked on by the creators and makers. Editing after purchase or copying the product is a very sensitive matter. If you have ideas, always send the brand a chat message first.

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