Commitment to our service policy

Of course you want a quick answer to your support mail and preferably receive your package today. Offering service is our focus every day! In order to keep everyone happy and to be able to offer quality, they must be mutual:

Check your Inbox
We send a reminder to your email after 10 minutes for a reason, so please make sure you respond to chat messages within 24 hours. This also applies to brands. And of course it would be nice if you also respond to us when we approach you :). 

Order processing
Placing an order is just like ping pong! You pay neatly, the supplier confirms on time and ships your package. You confirm the receipt so that we can initiate the payment. Have you been waiting for more than 48 hours after the indicated delivery time? Let us know, we’ve got your back with the previous mentioned Buyer Protection

Contact with brands
Although we are an online platform, personal contact is very important to us. That is why you can chat directly with brands. So take advantage of it! All your questions about deliveries, collections and collaborations are welcome. Even if you are dissatisfied, you search for a solution together. Keep it neat, we notice it immediately when spamming and unprofessional requests occur.

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