Keep the transactions on Orderchamp

Handling transactions (first or repetitive) outside of Orderchamp with suppliers that you have come to know through our platform (or one of our marketing efforts) is something that is not okay. We work hard to introduce you to new brands from all over Europe. It is the foundation of our business and part of our relationship with you. Cross-pollination on Orderchamp allows us to grow as a community.

It is simply not neat to trade outside the platform. This is a reason for us to deactivate your account. For example, the apparent hope for a better deal can mean that you can no longer do business in the future with the brands in our constantly innovating range. Let's treat each other and the platform respectfully.

Is there anything stopping you from keeping trades on Orderchamp? Please let us know! The platform has been carefully designed. We are happy to share it with you!

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