Can I cancel an order?

In some cases, yes. As you understand, cancellations have a big effect on the user experience of our retailers. That is why Orderchamp monitors this process. Unnecessary often "invalid" cancellation can lead to possible sanctions on the platform, read more about this in our brand policies. We are always ready to find a solution!

Before using the "Cancel order" button, check out these options:

  • Can I change the order? Increase or decrease numbers, add products, refund shipping, it's all possible !;
  • Can I find a solution to the reason for cancellation? Offer an alternative product or ship in parts in case of delays;
  • Is there a problem in your back office or with a payment? Please contact Orderchamp first (our details are at the bottom of the page!). For example, if the order is double in your overview, there are questions about the VAT / payment options or if your settings appear to be incorrect.

Cancel when:

  • You accidentally do not have the products in stock. This can happen, but it is of course a shame that the retailer therefore wants to cancel an entire order! Make sure your stock is up to date;
  • You don't see a match with the retailer. If this often occurs, it is good to have contact. Select the reason "Retailer does not fit my brand" and the retailer will receive an appropriate email and of course the money back;
  • You cannot deliver to a specific postcode area. It is good to include restrictions for countries in the back office, but this is difficult for municipalities! Select the right reason and the rest will happen automatically;
  • You suspect a private purchase. The platform is not intended for B2C orders. We have built in control mechanisms for this, but we also appreciate your attention here. We would recommend to first ask about the intentions of the retailer via chat, they may just want a sample in order to test your products.

It’s not allowed if:

  • You consistently cancel due to poor inventory management. Read here what you can do to automate this with our stock and catalog links.
  • The retailer cancels without a valid reason. When an order is placed, a retailer cannot simply cancel. We understand that things can sometimes go wrong, but it is a B2B purchase, without return rights or reflection periods.

Finally: Orderchamp itself can also cancel orders. This does not happen often and chances are you have already heard from us in that case!

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