How does billing at Orderchamp work?

Once the order has been completed, Orderchamp will send an invoice to the retailer for the goods delivered by you. That invoice is ready in his or her order overview.

You will then receive an invoice for the processing costs and commission. You can find it at "Settings > Subscriptions and invoices". And not unimportant: we will pay you the following Monday. At "Settings > Payout information" you will find the amounts with corresponding orders.

From an accounting point of view, you sell to Orderchamp and the retailer buys from Orderchamp. In this way we make it easier to do international business, with the convenience of only one official business relationship. No more validating VAT numbers of all buyers, sounds great right? This method of invoicing also opens doors to better conditions for retailers, without you having to compromise as a brand. Think of vouchers, free shipping or paying on invoice in the future.

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