How does the connection for custom made software (with API) work?

If you use a system which Orderchamp doesnt have an integration with already, you can built it yourself with the help of a developer. We have documentation and provide technical support every step of the way.

With our API you can build custom integrations to:

We have lots of documentation with example code. If you need any assistance please reach out to our support and we'll help you on your way (


How to get started

In order to build a custom integration with our open API you will need the help of a developer. Please send him this help article.

We have a getting started guide for developers located here.


How to get access

In order to use our API you will need an access token. Once you have signed up as a supplier you can create yourself an access token from the backoffice. Simply visit Apps & Integrations > API (for developers) > Create access tokens


How to test queries

Our API is built on graphql. This means you write queries similar to SQL and send them to a single endpoint. In order to test some queries we recommend using our online tool:
Open the GraphiQL Test tool

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