How does the Shopify connection work?

We can link the following information from Shopify with Orderchamp:

  1. The stock
  2. The catalog: (short) Title, (short) Description, Price, Product images, SKU & Product variants

Before you get started...
We recommend exporting the products as they are now in Shopify and (if applicable) on Orderchamp to a .csv file. This way you always have a backup!


Install the apps and pair!

  1. Go to the Orderchamp App Store;
  2. Choose Shopify from the available apps;
  3. Fill out the Google Form;
  4. We do our best to send you your personal installation link within 1-2 working days.

Configure your link

This link will prompt the configuration in Combidesk (our partner who built the integration) and asks you to make a few choices:

  1. Decide in the first section whether: we keep the current products in Orderchamp and make changes in the future ('Yes, all changes from now on') or overwrite the current products/create new products in Orderchamp with your complete catalog in Shopify ('Yes, everything please');
  2. Indicate which prices you bring to Orderchamp. Do you use B2C prices on your own website? Then choose "Consumer prices", we will place them at the suggested retail price including VAT. Do you use B2B prices? Then choose "Wholesale prices", we will place them at the purchase price excluding VAT;
  3. SKU or Product Identifier: if you don't use own SKU/article numbers in your webshop, you can choose Product Identifier.
  4. Decide whether you want to continuously update content changes in Shopify to Orderchamp. "Do not override", will leave the descriptions and titles as it is, "Override" will update them whenever you change them in Shopify. 
  5. Same as content changes, if you change the prices in Shopify you can choose to override them in Orderchamp with "Override". If you don't want them, choose "Do not override". 

Save and activate
Check whether everything is filled in as desired. Click on "Install connection" to start your link. It may take a while if you have a large catalog. If you want to force immediately, you can do this by clicking the right-turning arrow at the link in Combidesk. Then click on "Product adjusted → Product created or changed".

You did it! Your link is live.

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