"Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" - how does it work?

Our "buy now, pay up to 60 days later" program aims to help you, as retailer, to increase your liquidity and grow your business faster, by allowing you to order & sell products before paying for them. 

Is this available for all retailers on Orderchamp?                                                          

It is available for our active, approved retailers that have requested it & were approved by us. The offered limit and payment terms can differ based on the previous order history, stock turnover rate, credit history, store location or the quality of the webshop. If you're not automatically enrolled into the program, apply for "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" here.

How does ‘Buy now, pay up to 60 days later’ work as a payment method?

You can easily select ‘Buy now, pay up to 60 days later’ as payment method in the check-out. The amount due will be deducted from your available limit. Next, you will have a fixed number of days (14, 30 or 60) after delivery to pay the invoice. Paying the invoice before the due date is always possible and enables your full limit for future purchases. At “Invoices” in your account you can find the status of all your invoices at any time, including due date(s) and amount(s) payable.

Are there any extra fees if I choose "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later"?

No! We won’t charge extra fees. We’re building Orderchamp together. We want you to grow and offer unique merchandise to your customers. That’s why we invest in our retail community by offering extended payment terms without any additional costs.

Why is this available to me?

There are many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in our target market. These entrepreneurs often have to make choices to secure their cash flow, for example when they want to innovate their store, order additional stock or select and test new collections. By offering "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" terms we hope Orderchamp becomes even more enjoyable for you as your preferred wholesale purchasing platform. From our side, this is an investment in our partnership. Using "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" makes the check-out faster and provides more liquidity to you as a retailer.


What happens if I would like to spend more than my current limit?

At any time you can select one of our other payment methods, such as SEPA, credit card or one of our local payment methods (iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort etc.). 

With which brands can I use ‘Buy now, pay up to 60 days later’?

All brands on our platform! Orderchamp offers these terms for all brands on our platform within one single checkout.

My limit is insufficient to place an order

You first have to pay your pending "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" invoice. Do you always pay your invoices on time? In this case we could potentially look at expanding your available "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" limit. Please request here an increase of your limit.

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