Order discounts, why and how?

Besides discounts on products or for certain customer groups, you can give a discount on orders as well. This allows you to give retailers an incentive to place larger orders. It's a discount that will be applied to a retailer's order with you, if it reaches a certain amount (VAT excluded). 

You can set multiple order discounts, ensuring there is always an incentive for retailers to place an even larger order. On your storefront and in the cart, the order discount will be clearly visible, ensuring the retailer knows the benefits they gain at which order value. We will be adding more prominent positions throughout the platform for order discounts and the brands that use them in the near future. 

Get started by going to ‘Order discounts’ in the back office. Set up a discount of a certain percentage above a certain order value, for example 5% on orders above €600,-. It is also possible to set order discounts for specific customer groups or for a specific time period. If you have multiple storefronts, the discount will be active for all of them.

PS: The order discount will be calculated on bulk prices and after other discounts and can influence your free shipping threshold.

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