What’s Black Friday for B2B?

The Orderchamp Black Friday for B2B sales event starts on Thursday November 26th and ends on Monday November 30th (Cyber Monday). During Black Friday for B2B, we will drive lots of retailer traffic to our marketplace, equipped with benefits like free shipping, shopping credit and pay after delivery up to 60 days. As a brand you can offer discounts to increase your sales volume during these 5 days, while Orderchamp reduces your commission.

Signup deadline: November 24th, 2020 - 18:00h.

How do I participate? 

You can participate in Orderchamp’s biggest sales event of the year by choosing a pre-defined discount-tier in your backoffice. To help incentivize your buyers during this event, Orderchamp will reduce your commission fee during the five consecutive days. You can also use this to activate former buyers or invite your own retailers.

  • 10% order discount: receive a 10% discount on commission amounts
  • 15% order discount: receive a 15% discount on commission amounts
  • 20% order discount: receive a 25% discount on commission amounts 

Signup deadline: November 24th, 2020: 18:00

What if I want to add a bigger discount?
Not a problem. Just choose the 20% discount-tier for Black Friday and add a manual order discount yourself (you can determine your own threshold then). We will always show the largest discount to our retailers. You can also add product-related discounts, as the order-discount will be added on top of regular discounts. Note: we won’t cover any higher commission fee reductions or give this reduction for product-only discounts.


Calculation example:

During November 26th until November 30th you set up a 15% order discount on all your orders meaning you receive a 15% discount on your commission fees per order. Below we provide you with a calculation example, to show savings per order.

  • Order size: €400 (excl. VAT)
  • Standard commission: €400 x 18% = €72
  • Black Friday discount: €72 x 15% discount = €10,80
  • Black Friday commission: €72 - €10,80 = €61,20

Black Friday Premium Retailers Sale 

On November 25th 2020, we offer you the opportunity to sell to our premium and most active retailers at even bigger discounts. If you want to participate in this extra day of sales, you can offer 5% extra order discount and enable this option in your signup for the event in the backoffice.

  • 15% order discount: receive a 15% discount on commission amounts
  • 20% order discount: receive a 20% discount on commission amounts
  • 25% order discount: receive a 25% discount on commission amounts 

Important rules/notes:

In order to make this a great experience for our retailers and brands alike, we ask you to take the following into account:

  • Make sure your stock-level is up-to-date. Triple-check please! We don't want to drive a lot of traffic to products that are not able to be bought or cause unnecessary cancellations. An abnormal amount of cancellations, will have an effect on (your participation in) future promotions;
  • Check your current product-only discounts. The Black Friday discounts are 'order discounts', which means they are calculated on top of existing customer-specific pricing/discounts. We'd hate for you to sell a product with a too low margin; 
  • Respond to questions via the chat-system in time. There will be loads of activity during these 5 days, so please 'man your stations' and be available to our retailers. By being available, we'll create the best purchasing experience for our retailers.

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