What about shipping?

You will be able to set your typical shipping details during the onboarding process. Your storefront will inform retailers of your average lead time. 

When you are ready to ship your order, you will have the ability to choose your desired shipping method: Ship with Orderchamp (available for brands from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France) or Ship Yourself:

  • Ship with Orderchamp* - This method allows you to print a free or strongly discounted shipping label straight from your back office. Benefit from our shipping services, where we have negotiated the best shipping prices per carrier. The costs and tracking of the shipment are automatically taken care of. 
  • Ship Yourself - this method allows you to handle your shipment yourself. Select your own carrier for your order and add the tracking number in the back office once this is available. Based on the weight provided with the Track & Trace, we automatically determine the shipping compensation fee for you. If the weight is not available in the track & trace, you can set this yourself. Please note that we do not compensate shipping to US at this time, only to European countries.


* Only available in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands

For further details on how to ship your order, visit here.

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