Invite Voucher Guidelines

The invite voucher is a one-off welcome gift given by Orderchamp to new retailers who join the Orderchamp platform. The goal is to welcome new business partners and help us enrich and grow our platform. As such, the vouchers are intended for independent retailers who decide to join and place orders through our platform.

Therefore, the use of the invite voucher is limited to the following cases to prevent potential fraud cases.

  • The voucher can be used only once by each retailer.
  • Invite vouchers can only be used by retailers who are proven to have a real existent business and are not linked to/part of a supplier.
  • Retailers with multiple stores are not allowed to create multiple accounts to access multiple invite vouchers. Every retailer is allowed one invite voucher only.
  • Retailer accounts must be created and managed by the retailer itself, not by a supplier, agent or other third party. 
  • Equally, the payment method should be a unique payment method that corresponds to the retailer’s. Orders should not be placed or paid by a supplier, agent or other third party. 

The above guidelines protect Orderchamp’s business interest, but also help us improve security and prevent fraud (identity, payments, and other). Please note that the use of other people/company details and payment methods could constitute a criminal offence, and could be flagged as such to the relevant authorities. 

In the case an invite voucher is being used in a way that does not meet the guidelines described above (e.g. accounts and/or payment methods are not unique to the retailer), Orderchamp reserves the right to not pay out the voucher amounts and/or request a refund of any misused voucher amounts.

Last update:
As of 5th of August 2022, these terms also apply to retailers from Greece.

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