Completing my storefront

Please take a moment to review the storefront settings information outlined below prior to starting. We encourage you to use it as a reference when completing your storefront.

Getting started

Step 1: Terms

  • The first step in the onboarding is accepting the Orderchamp Brand Policies and Terms of Service in your Backoffice at “Settings > Account information”
  • As a brand on Orderchamp, you agree to the following:
    • I agree to offer my complete (and newest) wholesale catalog on Orderchamp at the same prices as my other wholesale channel.
    • I agree to keep Orderchamp orders on Orderchamp
    • I agree and commit myself to the Orderchamp Quality and Service Policy
    • I understand and agree to Orderchamp Terms of Service and Brand Policies

Step 2: Setting up your storefront

  • Fill in your Storefront
    • Bring your story to life by sharing an at least 500 word story that shares your journey with Orderchamp's retailers
    • Provide us with a short description of your brand (max. 100 words)
    • Upload a storefront logo [square]
    • Add an image for your thumbnail as well as another image for your banner
    • Fill in the Instagram & Facebook handle
    • Add general, atmospheric photos from your brand to the Photo Carousel 


  • Fill in your General Settings
    • Account information
    • Company details
    • Main content language
  • Fill in your shipping details
    • Fill in your shipping zones
    • Fill in your shipping countries
    • Fill in your time to ship (lead time)
    • Upload your company logo and a footer image for a custom packaging slip option


  • Payout information
    • Choose which bank account you’d like your payouts transferred to and follow the verification process by transferring 1 cent. Please mention the correct reference number (starts with RF) if you choose to verify through a manual bank transfer.

Step 3: Provide us with your catalog & images

Step 4: Invite your own retailers, Orderchamp brand referral program

  • Invite your retailers and they will automatically receive up to 10% discount for their first 30 days* (if they are new to Orderchamp). Your retailers will also benefit from our free shipping initiatives and can qualify for our flexible payment terms (up to 60 days) - we’ll always guarantee your payout.

  • You pay 0% commission on orders from all the invited retailers signing up through your invitation. Otherwise a discounted 6% to cover our operational costs will apply for retailers already active on Orderchamp.



Step 5: Setting up specific customer pricing groups + promotions

  • Create customer groups at “CRM > Customer groups”
  • Go to Discounts in the admin and set up your specific customer pricing.



*Only applicable for retailers from these countries: NL/BE/DE/AT

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