Can I offer a discount?

Discounts are a great way to increase conversion and attract new customers to your Orderchamp storefront. With these promotions, you have the ability to offer a percentage based discount across your entire storefront.

You can offer the following types of discounts:

  • Specific customer pricing - offering specific pricing for a specific retailer or specific group of retailers 
    • Example: loyal retailer X always receives 5% discount on an order (optional: above €300)
  • Product specific pricing - offering a specific discount on a specific product or group of products
    • Example: new launched product X, specific discount for one month
  • Order specific pricing - offering a specific discount on every order for a specific retailer (group) or all retailers
    • Example: every retailer receives a 10% discount on orders (optional: above €300)

You can set and schedule the timeframe for your promotions. On the last scheduled day of your promotion, the discount will expire at 11:59 pm CET, regardless of where the retailer is based. 

After the discount has been activated, you can deactivate your discount any time prior to the end date. You can also extend the window of existing discounts. 

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