I can’t fulfill an order

We’re sorry to hear that you can’t fulfil a newly received order. However, we understand things happen:

  • Your buyer is too close to one of your other retailers and accepting the order would break your exclusivity agreement
  • You are unable to fulfil order for “Online-only” retailers
  • You are unable to fulfil the order in a reasonable time due to other circumstances

If you can’t fulfil any products of the order

If, for some reason, you cannot fulfil any products of the order that you’ve received:

  1. Click into the order from your order overview
  2. Click the “Cancel order” button
  3. A window will appear requesting you to provide the reason of cancellation
  4. Then press “Update”
  5. You get notified when our team has reviewed and processed your cancellation request
  6. Once your cancellation request has been processed by our team both you and the retailer will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation

If you can fulfill part of the order

If you can’t fulfill some products of the order, please place the items out-of-stock and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the order that you want to edit from your order overview page. Once you’re on the specific order page, click the “Edit” button next to the order line you wish to edit. 
  2. On the order editing pop-up, you can higher or lower the product amount.
  3. When you’ve edited the orderline, click “Update”.
  4. After confirming the order the retailer will automatically get notified of the adjustments made on the order. A refund/payment request will automatically be sent to the retailer.
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