How do I get notified of a new order?

Each time a retailer places an order, we’ll send the owner of your account an email. You’ll be able to review the order details and confirm, adjust or cancel the order. 

If you can’t fulfill the quantities in the order immediately, you can adjust the order. You can only adjust the order before you confirm the order. If you make changes, a refund will automatically be initiated and/or we will create a payment request for the retailer. 


For more information about order statuses, visit here.

Your Orderchamp backoffice will also be updated with the new order details. You can view this by logging into your backoffice and going to your orders page.

How does Orderchamp determine if a retailer is qualified?

When retailers place an order on Orderchamp, we ensure they are qualified by checking that they do indeed have a business through a variety of factors that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Business registration filings
  • Store address
  • Web presence
  • Social media
  • Store size
  • Time in business
  • Store photos

If you have any questions about a retailer, feel free to reach out via and we’d be happy to look into it further.

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