Orderchamp marketplace product pricing

Brands are responsible for setting accurate wholesale prices on Orderchamp. Regardless of your chosen methods, your wholesale price on Orderchamp must be consistent with all other channels where your products can be found.

Please know that our team performs routine pricing and content review of the products listed on Orderchamp. If we come across any discrepancies, we may reach out and require action to be taken to align on price consistency.

Pricing tips for success

  • Sell your products at the same pricing as your other platforms/channels/portals
  • Set a retail price that is the same as displayed outside of Orderchamp
  • Set up the same customer specific pricing as you use through your other platforms/channel/portals

Pricing definitions

  • Unit price: B2B price (VAT excluded), regardless of the case size
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): the resale price that you recommend your retailers to use 

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