Once you’ve accepted an order you can proceed to the shipment of the order. First, check if you can fit all items in one parcel. If not, you can make multiple shipments and indicate what products go into what shipment (by setting the products that are not in this shipment on 0). This is also highly recommended when the total of the order is above 31kg. In the same step, fill in the estimated weight of the parcel.


After creating the shipment, you can choose your preferred shipping method:


Ship with Orderchamp

The Ship with Orderchamp* method allows you to print a free or strongly discounted shipping label straight from your back office. Benefit from our pre-paid shipping services, where we have negotiated the best shipping prices per carrier. The costs and tracking of the shipment are automatically taken care of. 

* Only available for brands shipping from Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria.

  1. Choose “Ship with Orderchamp” as your shipping method.
  2. Choose your carrier.
  3. Print your shipping label (valid for 7 days).
  4. Send the shipment to the retailer.

We recommend to use the shipping label within 7 days of creating it or you might be charged with additional costs.


Ship with Orderchamp: Choose a carrier


Ship with Orderchamp: Specifications & Print shipping label

Ship Yourself

This method allows you to handle your shipment yourself. Select your own carrier for your order and add the tracking number in the back office once this is available. Based on the weight provided with the Track & Trace, we automatically determine the shipping compensation fee based on the route and the provided estimated weight. The estimated weight will automatically be updated based on Track & Trace data.

  1. Choose “Ship Yourself” as your shipping method
  2. Get a shipping label from your own preferred carrier.
  3. Send the shipment to the retailer
  4. Fill in the tracking number in Orderchamp
  5. The shipping compensation fee is included in your payout

The maximum shipping compensation is capped at 10% of the total order value. If your shipping cost for certain locations or heavier products are higher than this value, please consider setting up a shipping surcharge.

Objecting a shipping compensation

If you don’t agree with the calculated shipping compensation you can object to the compensation by uploading proof with the actual cost of the shipping. This option is available in the compensation information pop-up after you created the shipment. 

After the weight is set, you have chosen the 'Ship yourself' method and created the shipment with the track & trace number, the shipping compensation will be shown in your order overview.


To object the compensation click on the amount shown after "Shipping compensation you receive" and click on the link "I think this compensation is too low".


Now you can tell us what compensation you'd like to receive and upload an invoice (or screenshot from your carrier portal) where the actual costs and the retailer name/address is stated clearly.


Please note we don't accept general shipping price tables or estimates as proof. Only deviation above 30% will be reviewed. Our customer service team will review the objection and either grant or deny your objection. If the order is completed, you can't file an objection anymore so do this as soon as you know the shipping costs. 

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