How much does Orderchamp cost?

What are the commission fees I pay?


Orderchamp works on a no-cure no-pay basis and only charges an ongoing 10% commission on orders. For this commission, Orderchamp provides its best-of-class platform and covers most of the shipping and payment cost. Orderchamp chooses this competitive commission rate to enable brands to provide retailers with the best possible price on Orderchamp. 


When a retailer first discovers your brand on Orderchamp, there is a one time additional discovery fee of 15% on the commission. The total first-order commission rate of 25% is to sustain continuous investment from Orderchamp towards attracting new retailers to your brand. With best pricing we all win, from consumer to brand and this is how we get closer to our mission of creating and maintaining thriving communities all across the globe


You can also receive 0% commission on orders from your existing retailers by using our brand referral program.


Your retailers will also benefit from our free shipping above €250 and can qualify for our "Buy now, pay up to 60 days later" payment terms - we’ll always guarantee your payout. 


What is included in our commission:

  • Sales Suite: Our best-in-class backoffice offers a suite of tools to help you grow and manage your wholesale business—like marketing tools, inventory management, deep analytics, and an external Orderwriter (at discounted commission rate of 6%);
  • Guaranteed payment: When retailers buy from you, we guarantee the payout to you, so you’ll never be responsible for payment defaults;
  • Shipping & payment fees: We cover most of your costs associated with shipping and payment costs, associated with handling your orders;
  • Re-marketing: By means of our matching algorithms and marketing campaigns, we’ll nurture your existing customers and bring you new buyers on an ongoing basis;
  • International visibility: We help you grow internationally, by translating your content, taking care of your invoicing & VAT and making you visible to retailers cross-border;
  • Verified SMB retailers: When a new retailer buys from you, we verify their information and payment details to ensure they meet our and your standards;
  • Payment terms for your retailers: You can offer buy-now pay-later (“BNPL”) to eligible retailers who shop from you on Orderchamp (and we'll still pay you up-front).
  • Integrations: We currently offer free integrations into your B2B software ( incl Shopify, WooCommerce and FTP integrations), so you can streamline your processes and save time.
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