How do I sell on Orderchamp?

Orderchamp is a curated online wholesale platform that connects independent retailers and inspiring brands to empower local communities. A marketplace where you gain access to over 100.000 retailers who are eager to resell your products throughout Europe. 

With Orderchamp you will expand your business locally and internationally. While you’re connecting with new retailers, you can also get more orders from your existing retailers by using the Orderchamp Backoffice tools. 

We’re thrilled to be growing our brand community on Orderchamp! The first step is to apply here: Apply to sell on Orderchamp

Once you've applied, you should receive an email from our team regarding your status and next steps within 3-5 business days.

If you haven't received a response, feel free to request an update on your application status by sending an email to: Application Status

After your application is accepted, we’ll help you set up a catalog and stock integration or you’ll provide your catalog, photography, and wholesale details. Our team will then design an Orderchamp page for your brand. We’ll do all the upfront work for you!

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