Can I regularly update my content?

Storefront logo & storefront banner

You can easily upload both images yourself, as often as you like, by following the steps below:

  1. Login your Orderchamp backoffice
  2. Go to the “Settings” in the menu bar on the left below
  3. Click on “Storefronts” 
  4. Click on “Browse” to upload a new storefront logo and/or click on “Send us photos through this form” to upload a new storefront banner and thumbnail.

When submitting your new storefront logo and/or storefront banner, please use a high-resolution image.


Please keep in mind that your banner and thumbnail must follow these required guidelines:

  • no logos or text
  • no photo collages
  • no products with inappropriate language
  • no nudity

You can find the guidelines with visual examples in the form as well. Our customer service team will be reviewing your submitted images and will add them to your storefront. 

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