Set specific customer pricing

Your existing retailer base  can have specific pricing when ordering products at your brand. Specific pricing based on for instance loyalty or volume/value of the purchased goods per year.

In order to offer a complete wholesale experience we’ve made it possible to set specific pricing for all of your (existing & newly acquired) retailers. You’re in control of what a retailer needs to pay for your products. 

How to set a specific customer pricing:

  1. Login your Orderchamp backoffice
  2. Go to the “Order Discounts” in the menu bar on the left
  3. Click on the “New Discount” or “New Order Discount” button
  4. Fill in the required fields with all the details of your promotion
    • Name - fill in the name of your promotion
    • Retailer discount % - set the % of the order discount
    • Discount threshold - set the MOV for receiving the discount
    • Always active/Active for a limited period - set the timeframe of the promotion
    • Select your customer group - who will receive the specific pricing
  5. Click the “Create discount” button in the right hand bottom corner 

When you select a specific customer group, an automatic campaign will be triggered to inform your specific customer group. 


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