Issue with my order payout

If you’re missing a payout, we’d like you to check a couple of things: 

Is the order completed?

We only pay out orders that have been completed. Each order completed by Saturday will be paid out the next Tuesday. 

Does the order have the status ‘Issue reported’?

Retailers can report an issue with the order through their Orderchamp account. This might include broken or missing products in their order. You will see the status of the order has been changed to “Issue reported”. Our customer service team will review the issue and if needed, forward you the feedback. We will temporarily freeze the payout until the issue has been resolved.

Does the order have the status "blocked"?

When you submit a shipping compensation objection from our backoffice, after creating the shipment for your order - immediately the order status will change into "blocked". This happens because we need to ensure we add your requested shipping compensation to your next settlement and payout. There is no action you need to take for this other than ensuring you are submitting the invoice in your shipping compensation request, so that we can quickly review it and approve it for you and include the payment in your next settlement.

Is the payout listed under the “Upcoming Invoices” overview?

If so, the payout will be done in the upcoming payment round. 

Is your bank account valid?

Please check if you have the correct bank account number (IBAN) and it’s listed as “Active” in your Payout information settings. If not, change your bank account information using the steps in this article.

If you suspect the amount we have paid out is incorrect, please contact us at with the invoice number and a short explanation. 

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