Shipping outside and to the EU

Orders coming into the marketplace from outside the EU (UK only for now) are required to pass through customs. Both when exiting the country of origin and when entering the EU, the package can be inspected and checked against import regulations. The customs agency ultimately decided the amount of duties that will be levied. 

To prevent any expected delays or fines it is very important to ensure that the commercial invoice and a CN22 or CN23 forms are attached to the package and that the details are filled in correctly. This includes filling in the Harmonized System (or HS) code (see below).

  • On the Orderchamp platform the brand is responsible for the correct packaging and reporting the content of the shipment and any export duties. 
  • The retailer is responsible for the import duties and levies. 


Accepting an order from or to a non-EU country

Orderchamp tries to detect the correct HS code for your products. All you need to do it confirm we have selected the correct HS code.


After you have confirmed the HS codes and created a shipment you can download the forms you need (see below).


  • Always download and include the Commercial Invoice document
  • If your package is below 2kg and below 425 euro in value, download the CN22 form
  • If your package is above 2kg or above 425 euro in value, download the CN23 form

If you don't want to show the contents of the package clearly on the box, use a transparent envelope and put the CP71 form on top. This form only shows the address, and the customs agents can open the transparent envelope to see the other forms.

If you’ve any questions, comments please feel free to reach out via, especially given the current level of uncertainty around the trade rules following Brexit we are very keen to learn about your experiences.

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