How is my payout calculated?

To calculate what we have to pay you for an order, we always look at the subtotal, shipping costs or compensation, the commission, VAT, and if applicable, any discounts. 

  • Subtotal: this is the price of your products excluding VAT.
  • Shipping: depending on the shipping method you choose, the shipping can either be compensated or deducted. Find out more about shipping here.
  • Commission costs: will be shown either on the same or on a separate invoice. The commission is always listed excluding VAT first and is calculated on the subtotal.
  • Discounts: if you have offered any discounts to the retailers, this will be shown on the invoice and will be deducted from the subtotal.
  • VAT: depending on the order VAT will either be charged or shifted. 

Calculation example:

Subtotal: 2 x €100 = €200
+ Shipping compensation: €7,50
- Commission: 20% * €200 = €36
New subtotal (subtotal + shipping - commission): (200 + 7,50) - 36 = €171,50
VAT (21%):  171,50 * 0,21 = €36,02
Total: Subtotal (171,50) + VAT (36,02) = € 207,52

Separate commission invoice

By default we will charge the commision through our NL VAT number, since these are costs for a service we provide and therefore are separated from the goods you deliver. This means we create a separate invoice for the commission costs when the goods are invoiced through another entity than the Netherlands. If the goods are also invoiced through our NL VAT number, you will not receive a separate invoice for this. 

However, if you would like to always receive a separate commission invoice, please send us an email at and we will enable that for you.  

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