Brand Invoicing Flow

Orderchamp is the Merchant of Record, meaning that Orderchamp invoices the retailer and receives invoices from the brands.

Per July 1st 2021 our invoicing flow will change to the following:

  • As a brand, you will get an invoice once you send the shipment. The invoice will be set to “not ready for payout”.
  • The invoice will only contain products shipped by you on that day.
  • 48h (excluding weekends) after a shipment is set to be delivered, the invoice for this shipment will be set to “ready for payout”. All invoices with “ready for payout” will be included in the next settlement. 
    • Retailers will get 48h after the shipment is set to be delivered to raise an issue if something is wrong.
    • If an order issue is raised, all invoices for the order will be put on hold until the issue is resolved.
  • A shipment is set on “delivered” when:
    • Track & Trace data tells us it has been delivered.
    • If no Track & Trace data is available, it will be set to delivered on the last day of the indicated shipping time set in your storefront when the shipment was created.
  • In the settlement section of the brand account, Orderchamp will show what invoices are included in which upcoming settlement. On this page, Orderchamp also shows an overview of invoices that have been created but are not ready yet for payout, including the reason (delivery pending, order issue reported) for not being ready for payout.
  • Depending on your contract type Orderchamp will process the payouts (or ‘settlements’) as they are called on a weekly or monthly basis. These settlements contain all open invoices for orders that have been successfully delivered.

Other options:

  • It is possible to have the commission charged to you on a separate invoice. This is an additional account setting that we are happy to enable for you: please contact if you would like this.
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