Ordering at a EU brand for UK retailers

Orders coming into the UK out of the EU could require customs clearance. Brands will provide the appropriate documentation on the shipment to encourage clearance ,the customs agency will inspect the package and decide whether duties or taxes need to be paid based on the order value and impacted product categories. 

We are working hard with our logistic partners to find ways to know the exact tariffs before shipment, unfortunately that is at this time not possible. We see most duties ranging from 100-150 euro per shipment, mainly due to the cost of custom clearance forms. For large orders, a percentage rate applies depending on the HS category of the product.

For the avoidance of doubt:

  • On the Orderchamp platform the brand is responsible for the correct packaging and reporting the content of the shipment and any export duties. 
  • The retailer is responsible for the import duties and levies.

If duties or taxes are owed, you will likely be contacted by the carrier and will be charged at delivery or pickup.

If you’ve any questions, comments please feel free to reach out via support@orderchamp.com, especially given the current level of uncertainty around the trade rules following Brexit we are very keen to learn about your experiences.

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