Refer your retailers to Orderchamp on your website

The easiest way to draw your retailers attention to Orderchamp is by sharing your personal invite link on your website. When your retailers register on Orderchamp through that link, you will have to pay less commission costs on their orders, while you can offer them 10% off their order for 30 days*, free shipping above €250 and Buy now, pay up to 60 days later.

  • You pay 0% commission on orders from all the invited retailers signing up within 3 months of being invited by you. Otherwise a discounted 6% to cover our operational costs.
  • For orders from your invited retailers that were already registered to Orderchamp, or any of Orderchamp’s partners, you will benefit from a discounted 6% commission

How do I get my personal invite link?

  • Go to the “Invite your retailers” section of the backoffice;
  • Copy your personal tracking link;
  • View your personal invite page.
Interested in adding our logos to your website? Check out our brand kit here.

How can I integrate it into my website?

You can include this short text on your website, for example in the b2b or reseller section, to refer your merchants directly to Orderchamp and thus you can get benefits for both yourself and your retailers:

Great news! As of today, you can order our products through Orderchamp. You'll find our (new) collections there and I'd like to invite you to sign up for free: click here to accept the invitation.

To get you started, you'll receive 10% off of your orders for the first 30 days*. Register now for free and buy online at Brand and more than 7,000 other unique brands.

How do I sign up?

  • Go to this page;
  • Register for free;
  • Automatically receive 10% off your orders for 30 days*.

Register now and get 10% off

As a retailer on Orderchamp, you benefit from:

  • The lowest minimum order amounts;
  • One checkout for multiple brands;
  • Free shipping from €250;
  • Pay 30 or 60 days after delivery.

[ Insert personal invite link ]

Your personal invite link should be inserted at the underlined words and you can easily change 'Brand' to the name of your brand!
If needed, this text is also available in Dutch, French and German, you just have to change the language settings for this.


What else can I use my personal invite link for?

The invitation link customized to you can be easily shared in any form on all channels:

  • as part of your email signature;
  • on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Co;
  • through Whatsapp or text messages;
  • And much more. 

This way, you can create great benefits for yourself and your loyal customers - and it is as easy as it gets.  

*Only applicable for retailers from these countries: NL/BE/DE/AT

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