We offer a Loyalty Program for our retailer community. This program shows you multiple ways to earn shopping credit for your store. 

To participate in our loyalty program, you must first complete your profile and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to stay up to date on relevant trends and campaigns. You then have various options to top up your shopping credit.


These are the promotions you can follow: 

  • Promotion 1: Re-order at three brands. Do you have a favorite brand on Orderchamp? Great, we appreciate loyalty. Re-order at your three favorite brands on Orderchamp and receive € 50,- shopping credit.
  • Promotion 2: First order at brands. Order for the first time at 5, 10 and 20 brands and be rewarded with shopping credit at every tier.
    • Order 5 new brands and get €25,-
    • Order 10 new brands and get €25,- on top
    • Order 20 new brands and get €50,- on top
  • Promotion 3: Follow brands on Orderchamp and earn € 25,- or more. By following your favorite brands, you’ll be the first to get notified about special discounts, new collections or products, and price changes. You can follow a brand by visiting their storefront and clicking on "follow brand".
    • Follow 25 brands and get € 25,-
    • Follow 50 brands and get € 25,- on top
    • Follow 100 brands and get € 50,- on top
  • Promotion 4: Write brand reviews and earn € 25,- or more. Let other retailers know how happy you are with your new items. Therefore, we like to get your feedback on our brands after you ordered with them. After receiving your order, you can write a 1-5 star review for any of the products you ordered.
    • Write 3 brand reviews and get € 25,- 
    • Write 10 brand reviews and get € 25,- on top
    • Write 20 brand reviews and get € 50,- on top
    • Write 30 brand reviews and get € 100,- on top
  • Promotion 5: Get your brands on board and earn € 100,- per brand. The number of brand recommendations is unlimited!
  • Promotion 6: Connect your POS / webshop to earn € 25,- and on top, you never have to manually add product images and descriptions of your ordered products again. See here all integrations
  • Promotion 7: In order to give you the best start on our platform and to reward loyal behavior, you will receive a shopping credit after you have made your 5th, 10th and 15th purchase on our marketplace

Do I have to follow a specific order in executing the promotions?

After you completed your profile and followed us on social media, all promotions can be used as you wish, there is no need to adhere to any order. 

Can I earn multiple vouchers on one promotion?

No, you can only earn one voucher per promotion. The brand recommendation is an exception, there is no limit to this promotion.

Is there a maximum of vouchers I can earn?

You can take part in any promotion and earn shopping credit for it - however, some can only be carried out once. Following 75 brands does not result in triple shopping credit. However, it is possible to combine several or all promotions.

How do I receive the shopping credit?

You will receive your shopping credit as a voucher via email and it will be activated in your account. The shopping credit can be used for any brand or a combination of several brands.

Can I use multiple vouchers on one order?

No, you can only redeem one voucher per order. Shopping credit from the voucher you received first, will be automatically deducted from the amount in your cart. 

More information? View our special Retailer Loyalty Program and start earning shopping credit! 

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