Can I leave a review for a brand?

Reviews are a great resource to help you make informed decisions prior to purchasing from a brand on Orderchamp. Having visibility into other retailers experiences with brands you are interested in will help you feel more confident when placing your order.

At Orderchamp, we continuously work on monitoring our brand performance to make sure you receive the best experience possible as a buyer. In order to measure the quality of your brand orders, we enable you to write reviews about the brands you’ve done business with.

A review consists of a 1 to 5 star rating and a short description. The reviews are displayed below the brand products, brand page and product page of the brand. 

How it works

  • You place an order with brand X
  • You will receive an automatic request for a review 72 hours after placing the order
  • You can rate the brand on a 1-5 star rating and add a short description

Review policies

Reviews for brands submitted on Orderchamp may not:

  • Contain advertising or spam
  • Contain feedback that is not specific to the brand or within their control
  • Falsely submitted brand’s review score (friends, family member leaving a biased review)
  • Include explicit, harassing or discriminatory content

Please note: Reviews can also be given anonymously.

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