Integrating my webshop and/or point of sale (POS) with Orderchamp

Eliminate the need to manually create product listings by syncing your Orderchamp retailer account with your Point of Sale and/or eCom system. Syncing your account will pull the products you purchase on Orderchamp and their corresponding details directly into your POS account. 

How the POS/eCom integration works

  • If you connect your webshop or your Point of Sale (POS) system to Orderchamp, every product you purchase on Orderchamp will be automatically created in your system; 
  • All the available product information will be transferred, so you don’t have to put it in manually. You can decide for yourself if you’d like to override the product content or prices, so it doesn’t impact your SEO or pricing strategy
  • In addition, it automatically updates your stock if you re-order a product. This saves you time! 
  • We are also able to give you better recommendations, thanks to our algorithm which analyses anonymous sales data.

To summarize: 

  • Easy installation of your integration;
  • Automated product transfers (no manual import);
  • Control your own workflow price and content wise;
  • Stock synchronization (for re-orders);
  • Better product recommendations based on data.

Welcome to a world of efficient purchasing!


How to setup my webshop and POS integration

Follow these steps below to get your sync set up:

  1. go to your retailer profile and go to the “POS/eCom integrations” atPOS1_ENG.jpg
  2. and click on the “Connect your POS or eCom” buttonPOS2_ENG.png
  3. select your POS or eCom systemPOS3_ENG.png
  4. follow the steps for your specific POS or eCom system
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