Retailer Invoicing Flow

Please find all information about our retailer invoicing flow:

  1. After placing an order as a retailer, you will receive a proforma invoice (PDF) attached to the order confirmation mail. Please find more details about the proforma invoice below.
  2. Once the shipment is sent out, you will receive an invoice as a retailer with the items included in the shipment.
  3. If there are remaining items in the order, the invoice will be created at 8 pm and contain all shipments in that order for which no invoice has been made yet.
  4. When the invoice is created you will receive an email including the invoice.
  5. In the invoice section of your retailer account, you will see all invoices grouped per checkout. It will also show which of these invoices are paid or which are not. 

Proforma Invoice Details

  • The proforma invoice is a non-active invoice that lists all the products from all the brands in the order.
  • In case SEPA was chosen as a payment method, it will also show the SEPA instructions.
  • The proforma invoice is included so it could be easily forwarded to a financial department for payment. The actual invoice is made based on the shipment as specified above.
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