Orderchamp Unveils

Orderchamp Unveils is a monthly B2B purchasing event to discover new brands at the best wholesale prices. As a retailer, you get 15% off opening orders on new brands and 10% off opening orders with any other brand. 

How will the discount be calculated? 
During Orderchamp Unveils, the discount is automatically calculated in the cart/checkout and you can use it unlimited times during the whole week. No voucher code is needed.
Will the 10% and 15% off opening orders work in combination with a voucher? 
No. During the week the Unveils promotion is set by default. You can choose if you want to use a voucher instead (dropdown in cart).

Will the brands pay anything for this promotion?
No. This promotion is fully funded by Orderchamp. All brands participate.

Can invited retailers also buy from the brand that invited them with 10%/15% discount? 
Yes, as long as the invited retailer hasn't ordered from the brand on Orderchamp before

Retailer Benefits

  • Try out new brands at the best wholesale prices every first week of the month
  • Differentiate your offering, improve your margin and reduce your risk
  • Get 15% off opening orders on new brands
  • Get 10% off opening orders with any other brand
  • The promotion has unlimited validity during the whole week
  • No minimum order amount is attached to the promotion.
Interested? Visit our homepage every first week of the month and discover new brands at the best wholesale prices. You'll find multiple brands within each category.
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