Orderchamp Storefront Guidelines

Step 1 - Upload your Full Assortment

Make sure to have your complete range of products available on Orderchamp to improve your ranking and establish trust with retailers.

Step 2 - About the Brand

Share your brand's story, values, establishment year, and personal anecdotes about the founder(s). Include information about publications and awards, along with high-quality images.

You will also have to add

  • Logo => min 400x400 1:1
  • Banner => min 1350x270 5:1
  • Thumbnail => min 400x400 1:1
  • Your location, establishment year, brand values
  • A personal story of your brand and its founder(s)  
  • Publications you've been featured in
  • Awards won by you or your brand
  • A picture of the founder(s) (minimum of 870 x 840 pixels)
  • 3 - 8 inspirational images (minimum of 870 x 840 pixels), showcasing 
    • how your products are made
    • products in an inspirational setting
    • how the product is used 
  • Any other inspiring information that you would like your customers to know 

Here is an example of a good brand story:


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/ok-design

Want to edit or update your Brand Story?

Go to “Settings” >> “Storefronts” in admin and edit the following boxes:


Step 3 - Storefront Banner

Create an attractive, high-resolution banner that represents your brand's look and feel. Avoid using logos, text, collages, or inappropriate content.

Your Storefront Banner should have:

  • High-resolution (1350 x 270 pixels 5:1)
  • No logos or text
  • No photo collages
  • No photos with inappropriate language
  • No explicit nudity

Here are some great examples of Storefront Banners:


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/yvonne-ellen & https://www.orderchamp.com/store/ok-design 


To showcase branding on our marketplace, for example in the search results grid, we ask you to upload a picture of at least 400 x 400 pixels. The following screenshots shows examples of great grid pictures. 


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/stelton-as & https://www.orderchamp.com/store/plty-aps & https://www.orderchamp.com/store/rig-tig 

Step 4 - Social Channels

Link your preferred social media channels, especially Instagram or Facebook, to your Orderchamp account to connect with customers and build credibility.

Step 5 - Product Titles

Craft clear and informative titles that include the product's purpose, color, material, and quantity if applicable. 

A great Product Title describes:

  • The purpose or functionality of the product
    • Preferably in 1 or 2 words 
    • For example: “Vase”, “Desk Chair”
  • The colour of the product
    • Preferably in 1 or 2 words
    • For example: “Red”, “Light Blue”
  • The material of the product
    • Preferably in 1 or 2 words
    • For example: “Cotton”, “Olive Wood”
  • The quantity if sold as a case or pack, refrain from using measurements in the title, 
    • Add the number of units and “pc” between brackets
    • For example “Light Blue Cotton Romper (2 pc)”

Important note: Remember to check the box Auto translate the titles of my products” in the admin under “Settings” >> “Storefronts”. This enables automatic translation for titles in different languages.



Examples of great product titles:


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/zelected-by-houze-ab & https://www.orderchamp.com/store/bazar-bizar 

Step 6 - Product Descriptions

Provide detailed descriptions that highlight the brand, product functionality, unique selling points, benefits, awards, and additional information not visible in product images. Include dimensions, weight, volume, and other relevant details.

A great Product Description has the following elements:

  • Tagline about the brand
    • In case the retailer did not read your “About The Brand” section yet, they still get a feeling on what your brand is all about
  • Explanation of the functionality of the product
  • Description of the unique selling points of the product
  • List of benefits of the product
  • Details of awards won for the product or the brand overall
  • Any other additional information that the retailer doesn’t see in the product pictures, for example:
    • Product is made by special technique
    • Product has been patented
    • Product is climate positive - saves water, decreases the customer’s carbon footprint
    • Product is created in a responsible way
    • Dimensions, weight and volume if applicable

Good examples of a description: 


Text Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/nl/store/bybazz

Step 7 - Product Photography

Use high-resolution images (800x800 pixels or higher) with a white background to showcase products clearly. Include at least three images, such as a neutral shot, a mood image, and a packaging image. Capture close-ups of special details.

Product Photography guidelines:

  • Resolution of 800 x 800 pixels or higher 
  • Showcase the product clearly and simply
  • Background should be white, plain to highlight the details of your product best
  • Use similar backgrounds for all your products, providing your storefront a uniform look and feel 
  • Ensure product is centered and shot from the customer’s perspective 
  • Minimum of 3 pictures
    • Picture with a neutral background
    • Mood picture showcasing the product
    • Picture showing the packaging of the product
  • Close up images of special details 

Examples of good product photography: 


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/nieuwerwets-niko-niko 

Examples of poor product photography:

ENG_15.png ENG_16.png ENG_17.pngENG_19.png ENG_18.png

Photo Credit: unknown sourc

Step 8 - Product Pricing

Maintain consistent pricing across all sales channels and fill in the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and wholesale price accurately. Consider offering bulk discounts.

Please follow this checklist to make sure your pricing is clear:

  • Fill in the best possible and lowest Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Please note that this price needs to be the same as the prices you offer on other sales channels
  • Fill in the wholesale price
  • Do not add samples to the product as a choice, because the MSRP defaults to EUR 0
  • Consider adding bulk discounts
    • This increases margins and therefore boosts conversion!

Retailers have the right to report incorrect pricing to us and once confirmed, this will negatively impact your ranking on our platform. 

Kids & Baby - Additional Guidelines

Step 6 - Product Descriptions (Addition)

For all Kids & Baby products Include the CE Marking in the product description.


Beauty & Health - Additional Guidelines

Step 6 - Product Descriptions (Addition)

Product descriptions for Beauty & Health products: list all ingredients used in the product.

An example of a Beauty & Health product with a good description is the following:


Step 7 Product Photography (Addition)

Pictures of Beauty & Health products always need to include a picture of the ingredients too, like the following:


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/monsieur-barbier 

Jewelry & Accessories - Additional Guidelines

Step 7 - Product Photography (Addition)

For Jewelry, Include a model photo, neutral background photo, mood photo, and packaging photo:

  • Picture of the product on a model since the size is hard to understand without
  • Picture with a neutral background
  • Mood picture showcasing the product
  • Picture showing the packaging of the product

Examples of good Jewelry photography are the following:


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/eva-remenyi-jewelry 

Food & Beverage - Additional Guidelines

Step 6 - Product Descriptions (Addition)

Product descriptions for Food & Beverage products: list all ingredients used and mention organic or biological.

See below for a good Product Description


Text Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/great-granola 

Step 7 Product Photography  (Addition)

Pictures of Food & Beverage products always need to include a picture of the packaging and the ingredients too, like the following:


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/great-granola 


Photo Credit: https://www.orderchamp.com/store/lizza 

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