Important information about Orderchamp Events

Throughout the year, Orderchamp organises several recurring digital wholesale events. The events give brands the opportunity to generate a lot more traffic and sales in a short period of time. As a brand, you automatically participate in all events at the tiers provided in the backoffice. Ahead of the events, we'll inform you with all the details and extra possibilities you can apply for. If however you do not want to participate in any of the upcoming events, you can select to opt-out. Please keep in mind that you'll miss out on all these benefits for you as a brand:

  1. Increase visibility: more traffic means more sales;
  2. New brands can kickstart their Orderchamp-partnership;
  3. Better brand awareness across our entire platform and social media channels;
  4. Generate new retailer relationships;
  5. Surprise existing customers with discounts, partly funded by us.
Besides, retailers will benefit from the best deals wholesale has to offer, such as low minimums, free shipping and flexible payment terms.


1. Orderchamp Unveils

Every first week of the month, Orderchamp organises Unveils to let our growing community of 100,000 retailers discover new and existing brands. It’s the perfect launch campaign for new brands to kickstart their Orderchamp partnership, but also gives existing brands the opportunity to benefit from this traction. We’ll heavily promote new brands on our marketplace with a 15% promotion on any opening orders from new customers. All new brands automatically participate in the program. Existing brands also participate with 10%, but can in the future opt-out, even though we highly recommend participation.

In short:

Goal: Generate new relationships for your brand

Promotion: Retailers receive 15% on opening orders on newly added brands or 10% on opening orders on existing brands.

Brand benefit: It's currently fully funded by us. Invited customers (0% and 6%) are not ‘new business  relationships’ and are therefore not eligible for the discount. This discount is only given to a new relationship once - after which you can determine customer-specific pricing yourself!

Please note: Retailers can’t combine vouchers together with the Unveils discount when purchasing products from your brand. However, retailers can still select which discount they want to use in the check out.


2. Orderchamp Digital Fair

Twice a year, Orderchamp organizes a virtual wholesale trade show known as Orderchamp Digital Fair. The Digital Fair is the perfect opportunity to showcase your new collections. Make sure to add your new products in time and benefit from our promotions to retailers. This will kick-start your buying season and saves you a lot of time not having to travel to trade shows. We will take care of follow-on orders afterwards with our marketing campaigns. 

In short:

Goal: Kick-start the buying season by selling your new collections. Build new relationships while nurturing existing relationships

Promotion: Retailers receive up to 30% discount for new and existing relationships

Brand benefit: Orderchamp will subsidize your Digital Fair Special up to 10%.

Find more information about the Digital Fair here.


For some events, all brands are automatically opt-in. If however, you do not want to participate in any of the upcoming events, you can select to opt-out in the backoffice here.

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